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Firstly, a apologize for my multitude of questions; although I do have some experience with using Affinity and applications like it, there are some aspects of which I have virtually no knowledge.


I was wondering if someone could tell me about how Affinity works with Plugins and/or how scripting might work if it's added in the future.  What are some examples of what one could do with scripting?  How big a deal is it to make a plugin for a particular feature that isn't in Affinity?  It says in the preferences that plugins have something to do with Photoshop; could someone please explain how this works?  And finally: is there anything else that I should know about these features that I haven't thought of?

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There is currently no scripting support for the Affinity apps. There is a Photoshop actions-like "macro" feature in development that should increase the number of usable PS plugins, but as I understand it, it still will not enable every PS plugin to work with Affinity Photos because some of them rely on features written specifically for PS & would require the developers of those plugins to work with Affinity/Serif to make them usable. In that sense, it is a "big deal," one that end users can't do anything about.


MEB has maintained an unofficial list of PS plugins that the current retail version of Affinity Photo supports here that may be of some help with this. There also has been some discussion of what kind of scripting support Affinity should offer in the future in the features request section of this forum, for example here, but nothing has been decided about that (& now that we know both Mac & Windows versions are planned, it is unlikely Applescript scripting support will ever be added).

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