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Chris Homan

Stroke width off by 0.5px

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When setting the stroke width in Designer 1.4.2 and also in 1.5 (beta 10), the width is off by 0.5px. See the screenshot - the width is set to 2 px but the actual width is 2.5 px. Also, when I open a file that I created in Adobe Illustrator where the stroke width was set to 2px and open it in Designer, the width gets changed to 1.5px!


As I'm looking for a good app to replace Illustrator,  I hope this gets fixed soon (this bug is unacceptable for me to adopt Designer for now).


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Looks like to have Affinity set to show show lines in points (pt) and not pixels (px).


You can change this in Preferences->User Interface 'Show Lines in points' 

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