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[AP] copy/paste something into a layermask

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just a simple question. Is it possible to copy/paste something into a layer mask? And How?


I have a B/W layer i want to use as a mask for another layer. In Photoshop I just copy/past the whole layer into the layermask. AP does not past it into the mask but as an new layer. Or is there another easy way to use a complete B/W layer as a mask for another layer?





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yeah was the same for me, but I can´t find the post in which I asked about it anymore so it may look as if I´ve never asked  :D



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Is this the only way to paste an image in the layer mask? No way whatsoever to copy and paste content directly into the mask layer? It's kind of slow to have to every time create/duplicate a layer, convert it to mask and then replace the old mask layer with that one. You can do it in 2 seconds in Photoshop with simple CTRL+C --> CTRL+V.

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