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Is there any ETA for gradient mesh?

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I'm an avid and longtime Drawplus user, since version 7 (4 if you count the free version I tried at that time prior to buying 7).  Anyway, I've been watching the Affinity software with much interest ever since I first heard of the Mac version years ago (though I'm a diehard Thinkpad Trackpoint user so I don't have a Mac), and I was very happy to see the Windows version is here.

However, one thing I've noticed is this... on April 25, 2015, a Moderator named MEB said:

"Yes, we will have a Mesh fill tool, it's already on our roadmap to be implemented. I don't believe it will be available so soon. It's a complex tool and takes some time to develop, but it's planned for a future version."

Then, on April 28, 2016, a year later, the same Moderator, MEB, said:

"For example there's no contours/offset or equivalent tool in Affinity Designer, so there's no way to keep those features editable in Affinity other than import the flattened/backed shape. And this you can also get if you export the file as a PDF from DrawPlus. Same for gradient meshes and several other features which currently doesn't exist in Affinity Designer and will eventually be implemented/approached in a totally different way (with respect to code)."

Now, I'm not trying to rush anything, but, I use gradient mesh heavily in my illustrations. My current illustration has at least 45 meshes in it. I can't imagine not having gradient mesh, so, for the time, I'll stick with Drawplus. But, I wanted to ask... is there any vague guess or idea as to when gradient mesh might appear? Is it a potential for this year, or next? Or will it be longer than that? Again, no rush, just wondering.

Thank you.

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Hello revo,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

As said earlier the Mesh Fill tool is on our roadmap, but there's no ETA for it specifically. The roadmap lists all improvements/features that will be implemented during the 1.x versions and as such cover a large period of time. Some features will come sooner than others depending on how development goes but there's no specific eta for any of the items there. Rest assured the Mesh Fill tool will come at some point as a free update to version1.x.

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