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I just saw Kubo and I can't get over how amazing it was so I decided to create some fan art. This seemed like as good a time as any to try out the Noise option in AD to give a textural, paper-like feel.


I absolutely love how noise is seamlessly integrated into this program. I've avoided texturing things like this in past programs because it was too cumbersome, time consuming, and CPU intensive.


None of that frustration here. What a wonderful feature. Great job Affinity!


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Nice job Jonathon.


I would like to see the noise feature be carried over to the pixel persona work. So far I think it's only available on vector work... if I'm incorrect somebody let me know, thanks.  


Or as an top most adjustment layer over the whole piece so noise could be added globally across a piece.


Even better, a procedural texture adjustment layer with the ability to import textures would be awesome.

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