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In Affinity Designer:


1. Select both curves and choose the Node Tool

2. Press the 'Join curves' button (second from the right on the Action toolbar)

3. Press the 'Close curve' button (second from the left on the Action toolbar)

Alfred online2long.gif
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Hi, the Join works, but AI has the ability to average the position of two points before you join them.


I use it all the time, is there a way of doing this in Affinity?

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I signed up to this forum just to chime in on the lack of Average tool. Unless you are working with a pixel grid, there is no way to align nodes vertically or horizontally. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial this simple function can speed up productivity. I have been using Illustrator for 18 years now and this is one of those deal-breaker features—moreso than offset paths or reflecting from a specific origin—that is holding back Illustrator vets from joining team Affinity.


For now I will continue to align points manually using x and y coordinates, but please consider adding this feature for users that need perfect alignment.

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