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Scrolling and using arrows in layers panel.

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I'm a little confused about using the scroll wheel in the layers panel.

It seems that you are only able to scroll if you follow this steps: 

  1. First there must be no scrollbar
  2. Than you have to expand a group so there will be a scrollbar
  3. Than you can scroll

Is this something that will be fixed?


It will be awesome if you can use the arrow keys to go up and down, and expand layers.

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Hi AndreasFurster


I'm not getting issue with scrolling the layers panel here I;m afraid. Can I confirm that you are on the latest beta 12? Also which OS are you using? Does this only happen when opening an existing file or does it occur on new documents tool. If it's an existing file is it only a specific file?


The idea for using the arrow keys to navigate is a good one, but the arrow keys are used for nudging objects so this would go against this behaviour slightly as you would not be able to select a layer in the layers tab then nudge, it would navigate the layer panel instead.



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Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply!  :)


With another file (or after I reopened AD) the problem was resolved!


I understand the problem with the arrow keys.

I used to work in Gimp where you have to click (focus) anywhere in the document (or the space around it) to move the object.

Or when you click in the layers panel you can choose or expand layers.


I've a file with a lot of nested groups, so it would just be a lot faster if I can use arrow keys.

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