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Starting project EDGY!

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Little update on edgy....still a lot of drawing to do (details on rifle and character) before tackling the background, colouring, texturing and final shadows and highlights...I might change a few things while I continue but this is where I am now. Feedback is definitely welcomed....


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It looks fine so far.


since you want feedback, here's my opinions. Use 'em or lose 'em, it's your art and you're the best source to know what's gonna work or not...


Too many tangents! (tangents are where things overlap in such a way that it's impossible to discern what's infront of what. ) There's one where the hood goes into the shoulder/cowl. The biggest one is at the elbow where the top part of the cape, the elbow itself and the bottom part of the cape all meet together for some coffee. There's a similar one in the opposite side at the shoulder. The cape,cowl and hood look "blobby" -- not like it's out of some kind of fabric/material. Where is the cape pulling on the cowl/shoulder area? There should be compression wrinkles there and as they go further away they spread out a bit. There's a scene from Singin' in the Rain* where one of the dancers have an incredibly long silk-like scarf/whatever that flows in the wind. I freeze frame that scene a bunch of times to really see what light fabric does in the wind. However, the hood seems to be immune from wind or motion, it looks like there's no wind in its environment. 


If this is a still, the way the cape is flowing, it looks like this character is about to fall on their assets. :O The figure, as a gesture, is off a titch. It looks too static. If the far leg looked like it was bearing the weight of the figure (and was in line with the head), it would look a bit more dynamic. I would (coming from a comics background) have a bit more tilt to the shoulder, chest and hip area. As it is, things look too level with the horizon line, and that saps a lot of visual energy from the figure. The torso looks to be too short for the figure--comparing the length of the legs, the position of the elbow (which should come down to the ends of the ribcage/waist).


What I would do (if this was my work) is to go back to the sketch and rework it. If I didn't work from a sketch, I'd import the PNG file into a raster app (Painter, Sketchbook- which is free for the "basics or Manga Studio) and begin to figure out the gesture of the figure, work on the anatomy and then apply clothes. If I needed to, I'd make some front and side standing poses to get the costume details down and then be able to figure out how those details translate into the main drawing. If you're going for a highly stylized figure, then getting the overall proportional relationships down first is very important. Then you can distort and have your way with it. Jack Kirby knew anatomy. It may not have been earth-based human anatomy, but it looked right and he carried it off so darn well. Same with Frank Robbins. Darwyn Cooke has solid structure in his drawing and they rock.


Like I said, this isn't a bad piece, it's quite good in the composition/framing of the scene. The contrasts of the figure and the light and shadowed parts of the costume done very well. I like the detail of the thigh being obscured by the front leg and being shaded a bit darker than the rest of the costume. I get a good idea of how the costume is put together: the straps around the neck and leading down the shoulder closest to us.


These are just my musings on this piece. I think it is a good start and should be worked on more to completion, for sure. I'm not you, so my critique may not apply at all. Do what you think is best for your work. 


Happy Hallowe'en!

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Thanks CartoonMike...I'm always open to feedback (the only way we grow is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and accept feedback) and I'm definitely just getting started (I usually go through several versions before I lock it down - this is version 1). So again thanks for your feedback. Happy halloween to you too. ;)

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