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Unable to edit copied masks - Photo

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When I copy adjustments from one document to another, there are times where the documents are different sizes.


If the dimensions are larger, the mask retains the dimensions for the first document which is fine.  However, I'm unable to fill in the remaining space where the mask doesn't stretch out to.  It's possible to simply resize the mask by dragging the control points to make it the size of the larger document.  This only works if I realise the difference in dimensions before i start working on the masking.  It's really annoying when I've brushed in the mask only to discover it's the wrong size.


To fully make sense of what I mean, do this:


1) Open an image that's 1200x1800 and another that's 1600x2400.

2) Create a curve with a mask on the smaller image and manually brush in a random area that should be affected by the curve

3) Copy the curve with the adjusted mask to the image that's 1600x2400

4) You'll see a hard border on the RHS and bottom of the image as that's where the mask ends. 

5) Use the rectangular marquee to select the RHS and bottom of the mask and fill it in with black OR try to fill the entire mask with black.  It doesn't go all the way to the edge of the larger image



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I've reproduced this.


Although it is kind of understandable what is happening it would be nice if we could deal with it a bit better, so i've logged this for the developers to look into.


Thanks for reporting it.

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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