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Hi norm,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The trial has no limitations other than the 10 day time limit. The images must contain some overlapping areas so the app can process/stitch them.

If those areas are too small or don't have enough recognisable detail Affinity may not be able to process them.

Without seeing the original images it's difficult to know if there's anything else going wrong. Are you able to zip and upload them somewhere and post a link here so we can check this?

Alternatively you can also upload them using this link.

All files will be deleted after being checked.

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thanks... heres my 3 jgpegs... please let me know if that was the problem of not enough overlapping areas. I was able to stitch the 3 photos using

photo merge in photoshop cc.. no problem whats ever.

so let me know.

thanks. Norm

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Thanks for the files Norm.

Affinity Photo 1.4.2 (from the Mac App Store) is processing just two of the images and outputting the panorama upside down.

Affinity Photo 1.5 Beta gives me the same error as you: No panoramas found. I'm logging this and passing your files to the dev team to be checked.

Thanks for your support.

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I am trying out Affinity Photo's panorama feature and it crashed several times (crash report sent to Serif).  I am not using  pictures but a scanned chart that is too big to scan in one go.  Normally I would use your Stitch and Scan software but wanted to see how Affinity would handle it.  At first I tried lots of scans of several rows and columns and when it crashed I thought I was asking too much of the software, but then I tried to stitch two scans together that would combine a left and right page into a single page.  There was plenty of overlap and Stitch and Scan would have handled it.  I hope you are able to solve this problem as it would make Affinity a more versatile program instead of having to use two different apps.

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