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I’ve been using Serif products for many years now and I know the quality has been improving all the while.
I’m now using Affinity Designer (Beta) for Windows. Although I use DrawPlus, I also use Inkscape and
Illustrator. I use Inkscape for drawing and node work, the controls and flexibility are far superior to DrawPlus and Illustrator. I use Illustrator for envelopes, mesh work and perspective. For everything else I use DrawPlus, and now Affinity Designer. For a look at the kind of stuff I do go to greenflydesigns@gmail.com

I know from using your products that you are constantly keen to improve your products. However. I also know that in a design timeline it’s hard to slot-things-in without major redesigning work. But I thought I’d give you some suggests any way, if it’s impossible I’ll understand. Any hoot, I feel Affinity Designer could really do with -

  • Undo / Redo Arrows   ( I know you press Ctrl+Z  But still my mouse pointer whizz around the interface looking for Undo button)
  • Being able to move things to the canvas – without them becoming invisible. And also being able to draw on the canvas little designs away from the bigger more complex drawing would be good.
  • Same curve line after deleting nodes – Inkscape has a great feature when you delete nodes it not only maintains the curve… it improves it. Brilliant!
  • Envelopes & Perspective features – illustrator wins this one hands-down it would be great to see them appear in Affinity Designer in some form.
  • Customisation of the interface. Always a favourite go to feature of mine.

I’m new to Affinity Designer (as are most Window users) so if these features do already exist, I apologies. However, they are too well hidden – a tutorial video would help.

Having said all that. Affinity Designer is in itself a work of art and I have highly recommended it to my friends. So keep up the good work. I salute you Sirs ( and the ladies) of Serif.

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hopefully that clears some things up and increases your productivity even further  ;)



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Customisation of the interface. Always a favourite go to feature of mine.


Welcome here and the Affinity universe.  :)


You can change the shortcuts, decimal places for unit types, the language, the font UI size, the UI gamma, …  (have a look into the prefs).


And you can customize the toolbar and the tools, use separated mode, … (have a look into Affinity Designer Help). 

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Hi Greenfly,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


Here’s some resources that may help you get started:

- In-house video tutorials for Affinity Designer 
- The Help file covers extensively all the features of the each program as Oval mentioned.  It’s a great reference, don’t overlook it.
- Affinity Review our ezine, also includes some in-depth written and video tutorials covering specific subjects. The PDF version doesn’t include video.
- I’ve also compiled a list of other learning resources here, including Books, Training Courses and Third-party tutorials that may help.
If you have any specific question, just go ahead and ask here in the forums. There's always users and staff willing to help.

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