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Frank Jonen

Placing multiple files

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Something that's been bugging me for a while now. I have no control how a file is placed into a document on either of the apps.

The imported file just sticks to the mouse pointer and I have to manually place it. That just steals time away from work as it piles up.


I'd rather have a way to just import a bunch of images in one go (without using stacks, that just adds a different workaround). Especially now that we have 32-Bit EXR and AP can now be used as a stills compositing tool as well to combine multiple render passes.


It'd also be good to set an option where to place the imported image. For photo bashing / matte painting for example it's helpful to import a bunch of images and have them show up on the canvas without overlap, like a gallery, so work can being right away with less moving things around.


For standard compositing tasks a top left pin… and so on. For showcases it's often useful to just place things side by side. So a way to just say, n on x-axis with distance (xx cm) would save a ton of repetitive tasks.


In terms of UI this could be solved with a few standard options to click on and an advanced option that have saveable presets.


But most important to me is the automated import of many images to x=0, y=0.




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Hi Frank Jonen,

You can drag a bunch of files from the Finder directly to Affinity Photo/Designer's workspace.

- If the workspace is empty each one will open as a new document;

- if there's an existing document open, they will be added as new layers to that document;

- If you want to open them as new documents with an existing document already open, drag them to the toolbars area rather than to the workspace.


Alternatively you can also go to File ▸ Open and select multiple files from the dialog.


Regarding the other points, there's no way to control them yet.

Thanks for your feedback.

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