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Designer - slice/divide

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Today I needed to slice/divide some paths and realized Designer has "NO" tools to cut a path anywhere and give you two separate paths! Am I missing something? I keep not wanting to use Illustrator but I keep finding simple tools missing. This is just like not having an offset path command, handy tools.

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Hi dddeux,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Affinity Designer doesn't support geometric operations between closed paths and open paths (lines), so you cannot use a line to cut a shape in two separate paths.

We already have  a Knife Tool in our roadmap that should be able to help here, but i don't know yet how it will work / how it will be imeplemented.


Meanwhile there's a few ways to workaround this. You can extend the line around of one of the halves of the original object and close it then perform a divide geometry operation (you will end up with three shapes) and delete the superfluous one, or alternatively add nodes where you want to "break" the object and use the Node Tool to break them. You will then have to close the two resulting paths manually.

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