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Photoshop Extension Panels?

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Is there any chance that Affinity Photo could be made to support Photoshop extension panels? This would enable compatibility with popular masking panels such as TK Actions, Lumenzia, and Raya Pro among others.

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Those extension panels are utterly reliant on the Photoshop scripting framework, and therefore just about impossible to implement in a different application. The developers would have to emulate Photoshop's scripting and GUI frameworks, as well as all its functions, which is a somewhat ridiculous thought.


A better solution would be if Affinity designer and Photo would receive their own scripting environment instead, which would empower Affinity users to extend the applications themselves.


Unfortunately, as far as I am aware a scripting interface is not (yet?) supported.


Of note here: the most requested feature that received the most user votes at the end of this year's Krita Kickstarter: a scripting interface.



In a nutshell: a scripting interface allows all of us users to write our own extensions and functions. To automate stuff. To create new tools. And so on. It is a bit of a shame that scripting was not added right from the start in Affinity - but here is hoping the devs have it on their things-to-implement list.


It is NOT an easy thing to implement, though.

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