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Hello Everyone,


When i play with a shortcut, it activated and deactivated every time it pressed. I think it's kind of disturbing when we think that the active tool is B instead of A because we press B key that makes the shortcut deactivated/back to the previous active tool. 


Previously i'm using illustrator. In illustrator, when we press a shortcut, it doesn't make a tool activated/deactivated. but it always makes the tool activated. So, we do not need to worry or forgotten about the current active tool and we only need to press the shortcut to change between tool one to another. Because if you already have a habit of this in illustrator, this is so disturbing.


Just my opinion, maybe others also think like this.



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Hi Sleepingpasa,


Welcome to the Forum :)


The shortcut will cycle to the next tool that uses the same shortcut if there are any, otherwise it will cycle back to the tool you last used. If you would like to customise your shortcuts to prevent this you will need to go to Affinity Designer/Photo ▸ Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.


I hope this helps :)


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What can make this confusing is some tool is always activated -- there is no way to deactivate one tool without activating another one. As Callum said, for tools that use the same shortcut, using that shortcut repeatedly cycles through them.


But for certain frequently used tools like the View (Hand), Node, & Move ones that do not share a shortcut with other tools, repeatedly using them toggles between the last tool used & that tool. This can be handy at times for quickly switching back to one of those tools briefly but there are some quirks that can make this confusing.


One is that if you are currently using a text tool & are in text entry mode, keyboard shortcuts will be interpreted as text entry instead of a shortcut. Another is this toggling action does not always (ever?) update the tool's icon in the tools palette to show that it is the active tool. I think that qualifies as a bug.

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Thanks for the answers. It's my habit when designing in illustrator is always press the keyboard shortcut several times to make sure the tool that i want is activated. For example, every time I'd finished using Pen Tool, i always press the 'V' key to go back to the Move Tool. I pressed it several times to make sure that it's activated. But when using Affinity designer, the shortcut is cycling from the last tool and the current tool. It's annoying to me when the active one is the last tool instead of the new one and you need to check it again to make sure.


I think this is just an adjustment phase for me to adapt to this software. sorry if my question is not too important. I'll try to explore this software more.


Thanks All!

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