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cant wait to try affinity photo for windows, and my number 1 question is: does or will Randomcontrol "ArionFX for Photoshop" link
plugin be supported?

i am asking here as its not on your list:

i'll buy affintiy photo definitely if it is

best regards
Reinhard Kepplinger

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ArionFX is a standard (classic) Photoshop plugin. As long as your image editor supports Photoshop plugins, and can handle 32bit per channel, ArionFX should work. It works without a problem in Photoline. In the latest beta of Photoline ArionFX even works as a non-destructive live effect (just like Photoshop smart filters!).


Which means it should work in the upcoming Affinity Photo 1.5 with HDR/32bpc as well.

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I can confirm it's working in Photo beta for win, but NOT in 32bit mode - only in 16bit RGB. The dynamic range seems ok, though...


I've reinstalled arionfx using affinity's plugin folder as a target for the CS5 plugin. Wasn't able to get it working by specifying newer PS version plugin folders.

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