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Affinity Designer Moving Bugs

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I've wanted to post this issue for a while but haven't taken the time yet. First I have to say that I use a lot the shortcut SHIFT + ARROWS to move things around. Now the shortcut doesn't work as expected in multiple situations:


- When I select a color from the swatches pannel and then hit SHIFT + ARROW it just moves the selected swatches. I am not sure this an expected behavior as it doesn't apply the new color to my shape even if I press ENTER (view example in first video).


- When I change the stroke size, hit ENTER and then try to move my shape with SHIFT + ARROW it changes the stroke size. When I hit ENTER it means I am done editing so I will love to be able to directly move things around with SHIFT + ARROW (view example in first video).


- Same thing when I edit colors. When I am done editing I hit SHIFT + ARROW but nothing happen (view example in first video).


- Same thing with my layer's opacity, it just keep changing the opacity (view example in second video).


- Last situation when I select a layer and then move it to another artboard. If I press SHIFT + DOWN ARROW once it selects both the selected layer and the one below. If I press SHIFT + DOWN ARROW again it moves both layers (view example in third video).


Am I the only one working that way or is it a bug?


First video: https://cloudup.com/igJp28uNT1u

Second video: https://cloudup.com/ijpjS6YhQGi

Third video: https://cloudup.com/cgOldiDjOf8




ps: I am using AD 1.4.2 on Mac 10.11.6.

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Hi Etienne, sorry about the delay.


The majority of these are reproducible and I believe it is because focus is staying on the Tabs as opposed to returning to the objects. I'm not entirely sure if this intended or not however I can put it forward to development and get back to you.


Could I ask what you expect to happen regarding your query about the Artboards and Layers? It's doing what I would expect it to do however I'm interested to know what you would like it to do.

Thanks for the videos as well, very helpful :)

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Hi Chris, no worries!


Thanks for the reply. I don't know if it's intended but in my personal workflow it is a waste of time and I would love to have the focus returning to the objects.


For the Artboards and Layers I expect the same, when I'm done moving my layer in the layer panel I want the focus to get back to the object so that I can move it around with the SHIFT + ARROW keys.

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