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Image Size ; smaller = larger?

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Open a small jpeg 942kb at 1712 x 2288px   >  ‘Save as’ aphoto image.
File size 942kb to 2.1mb (okay, it’s now in a non destructive format & can be edited somewhat)
but then ....
Reduce the file size ‘Image Size’ > 1000px x ‘locked’ > Resample checked and Enter
File size 2.1mb to 5.8mb! :huh:

I was concerned because if I’m putting 20 small files onto a page layout, with 20 pages involved, then by reducing the aphoto images to 1000px (for handling capability more than anything) I’m actually increasing each page size from 42 to approx. 116mb. Again this might be no issue with a few dozen pages, but then 500 makes a thought.

I repeated this test with a small tiff image, here are the results
Open small tiff 3.8mb at 960 x 1280px   >  ‘Save as’ aphoto image.
File size 3.8mb to 4mb
& then ....
Reduce the file size ‘Image Size’ > ‘locked’ x 1000px > Resample checked and Enter
File size 4mb to 5.6mb

could someone explain why this occurs? Obviously I could keep the larger images but then throwing them onto a page layout requires more tricky manipulation to get them to a reasonable handling size.

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I can't explain why it happens but I can confirm seeing the same thing. I tried various alternatives, like not using the lock, making sure the resized document did not include a fractional pixel dimension, & using different resampling methods; but no matter what I tried, the resized & resampled saved afphoto file ended up much larger than the original afphoto one.


The same thing happened when using the Place menu item to embed an afphoto file into another one -- the result was much larger than the total size of the two files.


The only thing I can suggest for you is to export each file you intend to use in your layout as a JPEG (or maybe as a TIFF) & use them instead of the afphoto versions. I realize you lose the ability to edit the exports to the same extent as the afphoto versions, but I can't think of anything else that would keep the layout file size from becoming unmanageably large.

All 3 1.10.8, & all 3 V23.0 Mac apps; 2020 iMac 27"; 3.8GHz i7, Radeon Pro 5700, 32GB RAM; macOS 10.15.7
Affinity Photo 
1.10.8; Affinity Designer 1.108; & all 3 V2 apps for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iPadOS 15.7

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Using the app JPEGsnoop, a lightly edited 1712x2288px, non layered jpg, saved as an aPhoto file contained ...

1. 383×512px edited PNG preview (is used by Mac OS for their Quickview)

2. 1712×2288px original unedited JPEG


Why would a non layered destructively edited aPhoto file keep a copy of the original in its wrapper? Perhaps this could help explain the larger file sizes when creating a smaller image, i.e. it is adding an additional image within the aPhoto wrapper.

If any of you folks have more info on this I would appreciate the knowledge.

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I haven't tried the beta version 1.5 yet but when the stable release is out I hope that the layered tiff option might have somehow made you guys realize that when you reduce an image size, the ...

Affinity Photo app saves the smaller image with a much increased file size!

This is not really acceptable is it? Hope this major issue doesn't get swept under the carpet.

rsi studio

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