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I switched to Affinity Designer from CorelDraw and I'm loving so much about it! There is one thing I can't seem to do though that I found very useful on CorelDraw. When working with curves the three modes are Sharp, Smooth, and Smart. I can't seem to find a way to have a curve exiting one side of a node, and a straight line exiting the other. I find I have to make really tiny curves to try to approximate a straight line. Am I missing something? Is it possible to do this with Designer? Thanks!


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Take a look at this screen recording...




Select the Pen Tool, make sure it's in the default 'Pen Mode' on the context toolbar and then drag out to make smooth nodes. If you hold down Alt/Option over an off-curve node and click it will remove it. If you click with the Pen Tool it will add a line to the next point. That's all I did.


If you want to remove an off-curve handle in the Node Tool at any point, just do the same - hold Alt/Option and click the handle you want to remove.


Hope that helps,


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