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Affinity Crashes if I attempt to open a FujiFilm .raf raw file

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I have been using a fuji XE-2 for a while and just recently started taking photos in Raw as well as .jpg and was going to use Affinity to develop these pictures. I have extracted files from my mac photos library but when I either double click them or attempt to open them with the file open dialog AP immediately crashes.


I have tried it with several .RAF files and attempted to open both ways. I have trashed preferences files and restarted AP.


I am running version 1.4.2



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Hi macterrier,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Have you updated XE-2 firmware to version 4?

If so this is a known issue. Currently Affinity Photo RAW engine isn't able to open those files. You can however change the RAW engine used to Apple (Core Image RAW).

To do this open a RAW file, go to menu View ▸ Assistant Manager... and change the RAW Engine (first dropdown) to Apple (Core Image RAW). You have to reload the image for the new settings take effect.

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