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Disable Scrolling while Pick Tool is being Used (Designer)

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Ok this may be hard to describe...  (and it might be a bug report as opposed to a feature request, but who's counting, haha)


When you are using the pick tool, and you click and hold on an object to either drag or resize, the 360 degree screen scrolling (via the touch sensitive top of the magic mouse) is still active while the click is held.


Given the magic mouse is HYPER sensitive, exact object placements are hindered by slight screen scroll events because the mouse detects scrolling movements as your finger slightly moves, raises from or drops on the mouse. It makes exact placement of objects with the pick tool difficult because little uncontrollable screen scroll events are happening while you are dragging objects or resize points. (this is a magic mouse ONLY issue, the trackpad cant scroll the artboard and move the mouse cursor at the same time)


During the beta period, I suggested this change be made to the node tool. You guys did implement this fix for that tool and the fix is still in the current version, and it made the node tool infinitely easier to use with the magic mouse. 


When you click and hold a node to edit its position with the node tool, the screen scrolling is deactivated and it makes exact placement possible without accidental scrolling. You can scroll the screen with the tool selected, but as soon as you click and hold a node, you cant scroll anymore. It works like a dream!


I feel a similar tweak to the pick tool would make it much easier to use with the magic mouse.


And if I'm correct, this change will ONLY effect the function of the magic mouse, because when clicking and holding on a trackpad, finger movements act as a mouse cursor, so screen scrolling while moving objects is technically not possible already, so trackpad users wouldnt notice this tweak at all (given its already an active tweak on the node tool)...


Again i would like to thank you guys for finally providing the last piece of my Mac productivity puzzle! I have been using Affinity Designer exclusively for my vector design needs and haven't had the need to open Corel Draw in over a year! Fantastic! Awesome! Wonderful! Life Saving! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Art director by day, illustrator by night: Check Out My Shutterstock Gallery

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Hi TonyO,

Thanks for bringing this up. I'm filling an improvement requests for this.

During some work i've noted that some objects that i had overlapped perfectly moved slightly and were not aligned anymore after a few more hours of work.

Since then i've tried to work on another system with a regular mouse and this issue never happened. I believe what you have described is the cause of the misalignments. This is due to the double input of the touch surface (panning) and the dragging of the mouse over a surface. The Node Tool seems to disable the panning. I will pass this to the dev team and see what they think about it.

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Awesome! I appreciate it very much, they corrected this on the node edit tool way back in the beta (over 2 years ago), i just never thought about it being the same in the pick tool, but lately ive been noticing it quite a bit. Its totally exclusive to the magic mouse, no other input device functions this way.


The Affinitiy team is awesome, thank you guys so much!

Art director by day, illustrator by night: Check Out My Shutterstock Gallery

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OMG! OMG! OMG!  You guys fixed it in the newest version! THIS IS STELLAR! My whole workspace is holding still when im moving objects, no random jerks, tiny nudges, and uncontrolled scrolling events! This is the ultimate tiny-insignificant-yet-HUGE-OH-SO-SIGNIFICANT fix ever for magic mouse users!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I can't believe how awesome this app is getting!

Art director by day, illustrator by night: Check Out My Shutterstock Gallery

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