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Craig Deeley

AD Textured brushes, Monet strokes

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Attached are a set of AD Textured Intensity brushes made from actual brushstrokes from the famed painter.


Usually I would not try to make strokes so literal. Nor would I borrow from such a famed source.

In that sense these strokes are a bit of a digression for me.

These are examples of brushes that use real strokes almost exactly. They carry the texture and variety of their source. Thick, skittering oil paint, and swashes of thinner oil run over uneven surfaces. 


I have become more and more a digital painter... but I love the texture of natural media. I find myself drawn to digital emulation of natural media. Or emulation perhaps of the texture of natural media - with a digital twist.

I have never deliberately tried to make a textured brush for such applications as Photoshop, Expression3, Synthetik Studio Artist or Affinity Designer - that looked exactly like a natural media brush stroke. 

The idea seems a little too in conflict with what makes digital art potentially its own (great) thing.


However. These are very nice, heavily textured oil paint strokes. Great for bold paint looks.





My Portfolio site:



My art related blog:


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Thanks, Craig. Although you've copied from the original artist, you could probably quite reasonably charge some 'monet' for these! :D

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