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Yes, I saw that you also posted to that thread.


As you say, why would they not want to make money through sales? I'm sure the iPad versions of AD and APh will be immensely popular when they finally arrive. I'm not so sure how well an iPad version of Affinity Publisher would work, but as I've never used an iPad I'm speaking from a position of almost complete ignorance! :D

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :)


Thanks, yes we hope so too.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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So what is the issue?

Probably the same as with any other software that goes through the usual release lifecycle.


Just because the sneak peak shows the app working in a controlled environment on one iPad Pro model, using an Apple Pencil for input, does not mean it will work with non-pro iPads, or when using something other than the Pencil for input, or is stable & bug-free enough for a public beta, much less to be a release candidate.

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