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A question before trying!

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Hey everyone, first post!


I just had a couple of questions for the community before I commit to switching to Designer from Illustrator.


I've had my eye on AD for some time, but as a Windows user I never had an opportunity to use it. Now I see the BETA is available, I'm super keen to give it a whirl! I'm currently using illustrator and am not a fan of their pricing system, nor how much of a resource hog CC can be (the amount of background processes is mental).


What I'd like to know is how AD performs in comparison? I've got a relatively beefy rig (i5 6600, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970), but I want zero overhead behind the scenes. I'm a little OCD with how everything performs on my main setup, so I want no background processes when the application isn't open (this is what bothers me with AI). Creative Cloud is constantly running for update checks and its toolset - I can't stand that.


So how's the general snappiness and performance of the app? And what sorta background processes does this thing run?


Sorry for the specific and frankly anal questions, haha. I just felt let down with AI and don't want to go through setting everything up to find the same applies (I'm sure it doesn't but wanted to check!).


Cheers everyone!

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Hi Haski,


Welcome to the Forums


I have been running the app on a near enough identical rig at home without issue so you shouldn't have any problems. The only process you should see is Designer.exe but that will stop once the app has been closed :)




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