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AD Navigator ViewPoints to update Y position on document change.

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Been asked to create a feature request for this as it's not considered a bug.... 

In the attached example file notice the following.

  • Artboard 1 and Artboard 2
  • See how the saved View Point AB1 centres the view on Artboard 1.
  • Now delete or move in Y(a fare distance) Artboard 2
  • Now try to use the View Point AB1 again.
  • You should see it's no longer centred on Artboard 1.

Apparently View Points are fixed to the document. So perhaps moving or deleting the artboard is updating the document parameters but this change isn't passed through to the View Points. Although the error only appears to be in the Y axis so changes in X are accounted for?


I had invested some time in using this feature but then I deleted an unwanted artboard and all my View Points were rendered incorrect.


I still consider this a bug with the design of the View Point system as it doesn't allow the user to work freely with it, but rather, under strict usage rules which aren't explained/shouldn't be there.


Hope the example explains and it's clear to see how it's current functionality can nobble you :)


Example file in MAS 1.4.2 but the same happens in the latests 1.5beta(3). 


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