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How can I change the colours of the program overall

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I understand that this program is in its infancy... more or less, but I have downloaded it three times now and installed it. (I always uninstall the older version first.) But with each progressive install I hoped for an interface I could see; so far no luck. Each program is black as midnight with shades of gray. As a result, I've yet to see the icons and even made them larger but to no avail.


Could they leave the bells and whistles until they have these programs working properly with little or no problems before they go at making it look cool, etc.


This blackness is really hard on eyes, especially old eyes or eyes that have been repaired; I'm not talking about disability, I'm talking about ordinary eyes.


I examined the preferences and there was very little there I could understand let alone change. So, is there a time line the coders are using when one can expect to be able to use the program without a black cape?


As to my installs and uninstalls; all went smooth. I turned off Aero years ago as a waste of space and haven't turned it on yet but Affinity did load for me. Yes it was slow but.. I don't mind slow.


Other than the above, I look forward to using the program.

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