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Canon "Print Studio Pro" plug-In support question

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I'm a happy owner of a Canon ImageProGraf PRO-1000 printer which comes with a nice Photoshop plugin for printing called "Print Studio Pro".    In CS6 I access it from the FILE / AUTOMATE menu.


In another post a link was given to the plug-ins you support and don't yet support (http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/)


I would like to get Print Studio Pro added to the list as I've found it to be a great printing tool.  Or, if someone can give me instructions how to get it working that would be great, but if not getting it "on the list" might be a good idea.


I've attached a screen shot of the folder it creates in Applications on the Mac by default.








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Hi CorsairVelo,

Affinity Photo's Photoshop plug-in support is still being worked. The list provided on that link is merely an indication to help users decide if it's worth installing a plug-in or not while plug-in support development progresses. It is NOT an "official" support list. Currently Affinity Photo only "supports" filter plug-in types. There's no support for import/export, file formats or automation plug-in types so i believe this one will not work. 


In any case if you have installed it in your Photoshop CS6 plug-ins folder you can add that folder to the Affinity Photo Plug-in Search Folders in Affinity Photo Preferences, Photoshop plug-ins section. Just click on the Add button and point to it. Then click on Authorise Global button (if it's not greyed out - otherwise it's already enabled) on the bottom and Close the Preferences dialog. Restart Affinity Photo for the new settings take effect. All your Photoshop plug-ins recognised by Affinity Photo will appear in the menu Filters ▸ Plug-ins in Affinity Photo. Then check which ones do work. Although some will be recognised, not all of them may work. As i said Photoshop plug-ins support is still being worked on.

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Just wanted to add my vote to this. Not having Print Studio Pro available is a major drag and their software, Digital Photo Professional does not handle TIFF files so there is pretty much no workaround at this stage. If you can consider this a priority, that would be great.




DreamLight Images


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I used to have the same printing problem in Affinity Photo.  Could not center the image properly.  I now use Qimage as a stand alone for printing images processed in Affinity.  It's not cheap but it is an outstanding application for printing.  Never had another problem centering images.  I highly recommend it.

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