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"Select objects when intersects with selection marquee" - automatic

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It's already possible under Preferences > Tools to toggle "Select objects when intersects with selection marquee".

Since it can happen all the time that you want to choose between those two ways, I suggest an automatic mode for this:


- draw the selection rectangle from right to left: intersect selection

- draw the selection rectangle from left to right: surround selection (whole object must lie inside the rectangle)


That's a feature built in into 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Rhino etc. for ages, and it's really really handy! Don't want to miss it anymore...


Another way to do this would be to toggle intersect/surround with some modifier key.

CorelDraw does it that way. Hold ALT, and you're in 'intersect' mode, otherwise you are in 'surround' mode.


(Personally I'd prefer the first method)




One reason why Adobe Illustrator is so horrible to use is because they never paid much attention to their selection worlflow, which is plain crappy!

It's so easy to select too much by accident... this almost drove me crazy so many times...



Don't make the same mistake and see to that the first and foremost thing you need to do when editing graphics - SELECTING - is as easy, clean and clever as possible!


This intersect/surround thing might not look like much, but it's a proven workflow booster in various applications!

Not difficult to implement, and super practical. Hope you see it that way, too.




Best regards


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