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Hey guys, loving the program with each illustration I work on, but I have had this issue with 2 different files, when I export my pdf it looked really pixelated, blurry and doesn't look like it was made with a vector program, giving me a really blurred look once I printed it out. My work around was exporting an eps, opening it with illustrator, saving it as a pdf from illustrator and printing, and I still had some little details looking blurred


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Some vector features need to be rasterised, either because PDF doesn't support them, or because we still have some work to do to convert them into PDF. Looking at your drawing, it looks like it uses a lot of fancy line styles. This is an area we've improved with the beta. Maybe you could try the beta (see the section at the bottom of this forum); if not it will be an update from the App Store in a week or so.

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