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Japanese kanji conversion text looks very difficult to find the changes on canvas.

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Whenever a word we Japanese want to type is not parsed (split into parts) correctly, preventing from easily bringing up the particular kanji that we need. Actually we can adjust IM's parsing range manually by using Shift + Left/Right. This will move the right-hand delimiter of the currently selected parse range. However on inputting the Japanese text within AD, it can hardly recognize this range. Please check the attached shot.
  1. Activate IM and start tying within code view.
  2. Type the Japanese character as follows on your keyboard. It means "Japanese".
  3. "にほんご" appears in the document.
  4. Star kanji conversion with hitting SPACE key on your keyboard.
  5. Change into the narrow range by using Shift+Left on your keyboard.
Actual result:
Can't find the differences for changes, so that I have to use another editor while inputting the Japanese Kanji characters.
Expected result:
AD should have the same behavior as the other applications it supports Japanese.


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It looks like we do support the narrow ranges, but there is no indication of it.


You can use Shift+Left or Shift+Right to choose your range (it won't show it but has selected the narrower range), and then Up/Down to see the character options panel. We will fix this to show the narrower range but you can still use it as you expected, it is just drawing incorrectly. Hopefully this helps. :)

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