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Undock / Dock Tools Resets to 1 Column

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  • Customise the Tools to show 2 or more columns
  • Undock the tools by deselecting "Dock Tools" on the View menu
  • Dock the tools by selecting "Dock Tools"

Result: If the number of columns is 3 or more, the number of columns is remembered after docking the tools again. However, if there are only 2 columns, they are reset to 1 column after undocking and docking the tools. While undocked, there are two columns as expected. 


Expected: As with 3 or 4 columns, if there are only 2 columns, there should still be 2 columns after undocking and docking the tools.




AMD A10-6800K, with Radeon HD Graphics 4100 GHz

8 Gb on Windows 10 64-bit build 17763.316 •  My Free OpenType Fonts

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