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Unable to install outside of C:/ error: Installation directory must be local hard Drive

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Hi I was trying to install Affinity to D:/ ( a 256GB microSD) on my little go-to laptop running x64 Windows 10 Home Edition.

Either by design or bug Affinity doesn't give the option to browse outside of C:/
When I wrote in D:/ to make it go to the correct folder I then got the following error:
Not sure if there's a reason for this or it's just a bug but it's a bit of a pain to be locked out of other drives or partitions, please let me know if this is fixed in future.

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Thanks for the response,

Yes most installers don't have a issue with installing to other drives or removable drives as least as far as I've seen.

I'm currently running Photoshop and all my Steam Library and Origin games from the sd card without issue.


It shouldn't really be a problem if it's removable as long as the card isn't removed with the program is in use.

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  • Staff

We've fixed this in


Unfortunately it still won't be possible to specify a removable drive in the "Change destination folder" dialog, but you'll be able to type it in on the "Destination folder" page. 

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