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Partial Coverage Selection vs Drag Select of Whole Object

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Adobe's Illustrator defaults to what I'd call Partial Coverage Drag Select whereby anything covered by the Drag is selected, regardless of the amount of coverage.


CorelDraw defaults to what might be best called Drag Select Coverage of Whole Object to Select.


One way of having both in the same app without shortcut keys is to use dragging right as the default, and dragging left as the other.


So Click and drag either up or down to the right, and Whole Object coverage by the Dragged Selection Area works.


Clicking and dragging to the left (either up or down) results in anything touched by the dragged out area being selected.



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At the very least, I would like the option to make drag (marquee) selection behave like it does in Illustrator and Keynote: if the marquee partially covers an object, it becomes selected.

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