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[Bug Report] Gradient Opacity does not apply and resets

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Ok so I'm trying to make a gradient stroke object which is converted to curve.

I'm Trying to make a material design FAB for mobile interface

(Which you guys lack even the most basic components needed for making it)


I attached a Video of it


A FAB button for mobile has the following:

1. Black Stroke Gradient that starts with 4% opacityto 0.  From buttom to top

2. White stroke Gradient that starts with 12% opacity to 0. From Top to bottom

3. A 6px blur shadow with 0 offset (both x and y) with 12% opacity, color black

4. A 6px blur shadow with y=6 , x=0 offset with 24% opacity, color black


Unless you can apply these simple basic needs of a material design, (multi shadow, multi stroke, Gradient stroke) You shouldn't call yourself the opponent of softwares such as sketch in terms of mobile design

bug report - Gradient Opacity.zip

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Hi Zegond,


It looks like the slider misbehaviour as shown in your vid is down to the slider being used whilst text is highlighted.


I've reported this, thanks for taking the time to report it.

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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