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Ability to disable all raster-based features

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This might be a stretch, but it's just a suggestion.


I almost always need solely vector output. All of the neat things in AD (grain textures, blend effects in particular) are raster-based, sadly. So I cannot use any of that. I wish there was a preferences menu item that would allow me to hide any and all functions that would ultimately lead to rasterised areas. That way I could see what I have to work with an avoid anything that would lead away from pure vector output at the end of the design process.


What I really wish is that all the beautiful effects AD has could be vector based.

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I can understand your desire to be able to do some of the cool effects in Designer with vectors only. I too am a vectors only guy. The artwork that I normally create is vector only, no raster artwork at all and I would love to be able to do more "cool" raster-like effects but still be able to output them as vectors only. Right now,the easiest way to keep things from becoming rasters is to just avoid all of the the "Effects" and  of course some of the gradient options (if I use a transparence in the gradient, it always rasterizes it but I thought in Illustrator this was possible but I'm not sure). At one point someone suggested a "Raster" palette or a "raster preview" that would show what will be rasterized. I think a "show rasterized objects" menu option would be great. It would be something like a green outline (or a colour of your choice) to indicate which things will be rasterized later on. 



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A raster preview would be a good idea, but personally I'd still be unable to use it. I cannot have any rasterised content at all in nearly everything I do. I understand that raster content doesn't matter so much, say, in app or web development. But I need my work to scale sometimes to the size of a billboard. I cannot go raster, period.


I'm hoping that the AD development team can give this a fresh look at some point in the future. There are a number things you can do in Illustrator while remaining vector that cannot be done yet in AD. I'm sure this is probably due to where AD is focusing (closer to Sketch than Illustrator).


I know the team are working very, very hard. I have to be patient.

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