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Duplicating objects - More functionality

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(Copied from the Windows Beta forum)


Although the current "duplicate object" functionality is quite nice (although it can probably be streamlined), I really hope it will be expanded upon.

In particular, I'd like to be able to:

1    Select an object
2   Activate "Duplicate Matrix" (or whatever it would be called)
3    Drag to a different X - Y coordinate and drop
4    Select number of copies in the X and Y directions (using the mouse wheel?)
    These copies will then be placed between the original object and the new dropped one in ghosted form
    I should still be able to adjust both the position of the dropped "target" and the number of copies while the tool is "live"
5    Commit the duplication

Being able to add random "jitter" to the copies, e.g. rotation, scale, would be nice too.

Also, I haven't found a way to do a similar thing (but not as a matrix) along a path (curve)

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This functionality is usually called Array (In CAD software) and is very useful. Both rectangular and polar arrays.

Would give my left ear to be able to do this in any drawing software.

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Thanks MEB, looking forward to new tools, and further improved existing ones.

You guys have a great piece of software already.. Cheers.

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Windows beta test :

1: Add duplicate:  Alt + rotate ( rotate and duplicate in the same time )

                            Alt + scale ( scale and duplicate in the same time )


2: Transform panel: Add Duplicate number of copies that is connected to rotation and scale

 Ex: Rotate 15 degree and duplicate 10 times ( something similar to Ctrl+ j Method, just that is automatically )   

 Transform panel bug at rotation? - If you change the rotation center pivot,  and you rotate the object from the transform panel, the rotation is calculated still from the middle of the object


Missing function : -  Add Perspective


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