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Here's one for you that a lot of programs don't seem to get right:
Perfect Triangles


Every so often, I need to create a triangle in a layout. It would be fantastic if the triangle was based on a true equilateral shape, where each side where the same length (rather than building a triangle based on a square, which results in two sides that are longer).


Additionally, Even when I can create a proper triangle with resizing one dimension by about 86%, the central rotation point is still mis-placed.


I've sketched something up so that you can see what I mean.









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I came here in search of this. The "play button" is my benchmark test for a graphics app. Now that we have the triangle constructed -- how do we place the triangle inside a circle such that however the triangle is rotated, the nodes remain the same distance from the bounding circle. 


Edit: Derp! I get it, I was still aligning the triangle via bounding box, and not by the rotational center of the object. Is there an easy way to align the object by its rotational center? 

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