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A) I laid out a 978 grid last night with guides, and it took me a while, and thought how cool it would be if I could save this and load it from the guide manager (which is a very cool thing you have, btw).


I see grid and guide improvements on the roadmap, but nothing specific so I just want to throw this out there:


1. Automatic guide creation based on 3 fields: "number of columns", "column width", "gutter width"

2. Saving guide layouts as presets.

3. Centering the guides.

4. Click the ruler to bring up the guide manager, or just a button/hotkey (bonus request). 


Now, I saved the file, and can open the file and do a save as, but I am stuck at the width of the canvas. If I want to widen the page, I need to recalculate everything and move all the guides around. But, if I could widen the page, and hit a guide centering button, oh my...that would be beyond fantastic. I could be dreaming, so feel free to pinch me if I have asked for the impossible. 


B) Alignment/Smart guides

1. Hot key to press that will show the space between either objects or guides

2. Lines that show up while dragging objects to show how they align in relation to other objects, For example, if I layout a box and put a logo in it and move the logo around, when I hit the center a small line could pop up to show I have hit the center. 



Obviously, I am coming from the perspective of a web designer and not an illustrator. But I can see myself using Affinity for my layouts, with just a few additions. There's something really refreshing about your product and the way you guys are doing things. Looking forward to watching you expand. 



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Hello cwork,

Welcome to Affinity Forums,

Improved guides is a common request that we have been discussing in some threads scattered around the forum. You should see some improvements coming later.

Distance between objects is another common request and eventually it will be coming too. 

As you may guess there's a long list of requests that is being working on and some features may take some time, but we will get there.

You can check the Feature Roadmap to get an idea of what's coming soon.


Regarding Smart Guides, this is already implemented in Affinity. Just enable snapping (View -> Snapping Manager...) or click the Snapping icon in the top toolbar and you should see the smart guides appearing.

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