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At the moment, at least as far as I understand, a slice is only output at its current resolution (and multiples for iOS devices 1x, 2x and forthcoming 3x) as per its size on the canvas. It would be great if there was a way to manually set the output file resolution per slice. So for example, if a slice is set up for a section say 100 x 100 pixels on the canvas, a custom output size, such as 360 x 360 pixels could be specified for the target file. This would provide great flexibility. Multiple slices for the same area would then allow many different output resolution images to be generated for the same graphic (eliminating the need for having the 1x, 2x etc options).


The additional target output size settings would ideally be placed on the 'export options' panel and would contain a means of optionally fixing the aspect ratio and also be saved as part of the preset. Default presets could include 'iOS 1x Icon', 'iOS 2x Icon' etc.


I hope this makes sense.


Fantastic, user friendly app! Keep up the excellent work.

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+1 for this. I agree completely (and would use such a feature very often).


Additionally, it would compete with what Adobe is doing right now with Photoshop's generator option.

In the latest version of Ps, you can literally add some assets to a folder, name it something like "icon.png, 200% icon@2x.png, 300% icon@3x.png" and it will give you exactly that. Three files, done and done. This is their current path for replacing ye olde "Save for Web" feature.


Compelling, no?



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Thanks for your prompt feedback MEB, and for your comments Anton.


I've not tried the beta yet and I love the idea of 'continuous export' to automate the process. I really hope an additional 'custom resolution export per slice' feature is added in a future release as I'd use it very frequently (and I believe many others would too). For me at least, it would complete the slices feature and combined with 'continuous export' would make this the killer icon generator app.

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Would also love custom resolution export options for slices. 1x, 2x, and 3x is very limited. My current workaround is either to not use slices and use multiple files/layers, or export larger and then scale down in another app afterwards.


Really enjoying the product so far.



According to Andy, it looks like this is already in the works. :D


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Thanks for the link, Seba. That's great news! I look forward to the feature being added. Hopefully it'll be soon. My workaround at the moment is to copy artwork groups (icons) to another location on the canvas (so I can see each copy), resize each copy individually to the sizes I need and then set up slices for each copy. It works, but it's not very efficient for modifications since all copies have to either be re-copied or individually modified before exporting again.

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@Kochab You can customise your render size by typing the number you want and then add "w" or "h" for width and height respectively. For instance, "1080h" is a full 1080p HD image with 1080 pixels in height. "720h" is 720p, etc., etc.. You can also break the image ratio by typing something like "1080w, 1080h" which produces a 1080x1080 pixels square image, even though the original may have had vastly different proportions.

Agree about half size and third. Would love to be able to just type "0,5x" just to get half the original size when rendering.

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