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Localization inconsistencies - English -> german

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If recently loaded and installed the beta of Affinity Designer.

First of all it feels charmingly familiar to work with it although I've only touched Affinity Photo for a quick test on OS X (coming from an Adobe background).


The issue I'm facing is not a technical bug in any of the functions but an formal thing with the interface and language of the software

I've noted that the localization if not consistent throughout the interface.

The first point I'm noticing it is the default workspace view with a new blank document open. Above the workspace I have a bar showing two buttons for "Dokumenteinstellungen.." and "Einstellungen.." which relates to document setup and settings/preferences in english. In the very top menu bar the language is english all over which gives the impression of a halfway done localization.

I can't actually tell if it applies to other languages too, but when setting my own language to "Deutsch/German" this issue becomes visible all the time (and at some other parts of the interface).

For my personal preference I would actually stick to plain simple english all the time, but as I'm located in germany and run on a german windows system Designer assumed to setup my interface to german too and I faced this inconsistencies.

Overall the mixture gives a weird feeling on whether there is something broken with the installation or my system language is interfering with some sort of settings.


I hope this will be handled throughout the beta development to present Designer and the other software packages with a flawless interface in all languages (or just truncate the list of languages to a few more required one).

I've attached an image of the current interface marking the german and english parts visible at the same time.


Kind Regards




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Ah okay, that makes sense.


Is there any kind of roadmap I can refer to when I face other things with some details of current work progress and open issues?

Feels like I pointed out the obvious and would like to avoid bother you with things you're already aware of.

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