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I installed the NIK collection with what seemed to be no problems. I went to the preferences and did the necessary work to get four of the plugins to work with no problems (Analog Efex/HDR/Color Efex/Silver Efex) but when I use Dfine I get the message below. (Note I also get this message with Sharpener and Viveza). Does anyone know why I am getting these messages?

DFine 2 was not able to apply the noise reduction to a separate layer. The noise reduction effect will be applied to the active layer. If you would like to apply Dfine 2 to a separate layer or selectively, please check to make sure your application supports the Nik Selective Tool and that you are not working in a limited functionally mode, such as the Quick Fix mode of Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Hi need406,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Photoshop Plug-ins support is still being worked. Some Plug-ins aren't working correctly as those from Nik Collection. This is a known issue. 

Currently only Analog, Color and Silver Efex are working. HDR Efex works partially (only works with single images not a set of images).

I'm compiling an "unofficial" list of plug-ins with more information on what's working and what's not here. Click on the plugin's name for details.

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