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Compound shape selection outline is different to actual shape on round corners

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Hello there,

Today I noticed that for some reason, the selection of a compound shape shows an outline that is different from the actual shape. But this only happen on a very particular region, one that have a round corner applied.

To be honest, this is not a big problem for me, I am just curious about it, not sure if it is a bug, a mistake I did or if it works like this by software design (probably not).

Here is a screenshot, look how the outline of the selection differs from the actual shape in the round corners. Maybe I am doing something wrong?




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Ahh yes when you add round corners to a square etc and try to make a combine action it does break... Windows beta. 


Without corners elements combine fine for the most part. All other corner options work fine. It's just the rounded ones that break the combine action.




This Bug is only on Win 7 (asks for aero theme) it's fine on Win 10 64bit 

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