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Fake MMA Promo

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I've owned both Affinity Photo and Designer for a while now, and after finally having enough of Adobe, PS, LR, AI, etc... I've decided to really work A-Photo and A-Designer, to really see if I can finally replace the "other guys" for good.  So far, I've only found a few things that I can do in PS that I can't do in AP.  But overall, it's just a simple matter of learning how to get around some interface differences.  There are features I wish/hope to see in future releases of AP, but as of now, I'm a loyal fan, owner, and user of these great apps.

Attached is a fake MMA promo I made for no other reason than to try to create something I had previously created in PS.  Overall, my only hang-up was just getting to know the interface a bit better.  And of course how AP handles certain operations differently than PS.  I was able to work faster in AP that I have been able to in PS, which is a huge plus.  AP seems faster, snappier, and more responsive.  PS has become very laggy over the past year or so, and I find myself using it less and less as time goes on... well, I imagine I'll be using it almost never at this point. :)

Here it is, the fake MMA Promo.  Photography and graphics are all done by me, the photo was processed months ago in LR, exported out as a JPEG.  Everything else is AP.



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