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Is there any way to edit the adjustment mask that comes with an adjustment layers, similar to how you can in Photoshop. If I open a photoshop file, the adjustment layer and accompanying mask is there, but I don't seem to be able to get access to the mask to edit it. I'm trying to replace Photoshop, so trying to find ways around all the things I currently do in Photoshop. :-) It seems most of the functionality is there, just a different way to get there.


Many Thanks


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If you select it (the adjustment layer) and pick any tool (gradient, paintbursh, selections...) you can edit it directly applying those to the layer itself.

Anyway, you can't "see" it (the greymap I mean), only its effect.


To see the grayscale representation you have to promote this to a pure mask.

Go to Channels, you'll find a channel like [Name] Adjustment Alpha.

Right click, and choose Create Mask Layer


Now you have a copy of your adjustment alpha as a mask, that you can re-assign and edit with right click Edit Mask.

In this case you'll see the grayscale layer.


Ps. Remember to clean up your Adjustment Alpha, otherwise you'll have a double mask  ;)




Much more easier... 

Add a new mask to your Adj Layer and you're done...  :)

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Affinity Photo still has to improve a lot in the mask/channels department.

It is one of the most important subjects for professionals and, as it is now, is not as intuitive as in Photoshop.




For a new product it's pretty good, but you're right, there are some PRO areas that are there, but implementation could be made more intuative. Looking forward to the next version. :-)

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