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Tool keyboard shortcut zeroes numerical value fields

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OK, I'm hitting this bug (or UI gremlin) constantly. My example is for a stroke width, but it seems to apply to all numerical value fields (e.g. opacity).


1. select a stroke

2. click into the stroke width slider numerical field in the stroke panel

3. type to change the stroke width (any value)

4. hit 'enter' to commit the stroke width change

5. hit 'v' key to change the cursor to the move tool (or any other tool keyboard shortcut)


RESULT: the stroke is 'zeroed' in the field by the tool keyboard shortcut press, the stroke width change is cancelled, and the stroke width is set to 0 and becomes invisible.


EXPECTED: the width change is committed after the enter key is pressed, and the cursor is changed to the move tool by the subsequent 'v' keypress.


The expected behaviour works if I substitute a tab keypress for the enter keypress above - I think it's reasonable to expect that the 'enter' key should commit the field change in the same way, right?

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Hi cleay


We are already aware of input fields not being able to lose focus so you can use other shortcuts. Hopefully this is something that will be sorted soon as it is quite frustrating



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