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This is regarding licensing both Affinity (Designer & Photo) software for my company. I wish to know the pricing pattern involved for multiple user (Volume) Licensing. We may required not more than '3'.


I were unable to find the Cost involved for Volume Licensing for Business.


If its for only one user, can I go ahead and purchase the Individual License. Is there any restrictions in terms of using this individual license for business?


Please kindly let me know.



Thanks and Regards




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Hi, I'm looking to get 20 licenses..


I remember seeing a discount previously for purchases of 20+ licenses, but can no longer find any info, other than for educational institutions.


Has this been changed recently? Or should I blame myself...


thanks, t.

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Dear MEB,

I checked the link for the business-information you provided and I saw that there is "click'n buy" as payment method mentioned on the serif-page which was discontininued by the company itself and Apple also does not longer accept it as a payment method. Maybe a little update of the site will help to prevent confusion of potential customers :)

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Hi, thanks for responding..

I've enrolled, gone through all hoops, and am no further...

No matter how many copies I select in Apple's volume licensing store, price remains the same.. 

Either I am missing something, or there's no discount anymore ???




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Yeah, I'm coming to that conclusion as well.

Until very recently, though, there was a business volume discount, and we based our decision to go for affinity photo & designer on that..

Should have been a couple months quicker...

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Licensing offers three major advantages. First, it may mean you have something unique your competitors don't. Second, it may mean getting a little better margin because it's unique. And third, it may mean that 10 percent of the retailers you call on that you've never been able to sell to will finally take a look because you have something different. And when that happens, you can sell the rest of your line.

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