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I'm testing AP on the free trial period at the moment, and have no experience with Photoshop. Could you tell me: 


1. How do I use the adjustment layers to modify only selected parts of an image?


2. How do I use Affinity to isolate a portrait on a black background?  


I use Nik plugins extensively, and have used ON1 software solely for isolating portraits - but I feel that with Affinity I have a lot to learn, and I would like to get to grips with these basics during the trial period.  Thanks in advance for any help.


Please do keep it practical + simple!

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Hi citroenDS:

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


1. Take a look at this video tutorial to learn how to use adjustments's built-in masks.


2. Regarding the second, here's a few tutorials that may help:

Making Selections

Refining Selections

 Overall checking all videos from the Selections and Masking section listed here will help you to get a better understanding how selections/masking work in Affinity Photo.

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post-31116-0-11704400-1464954389_thumb.jpgThanks for those links, MEB - they were very helpful.  I still can't work out how to isolate a portrait on a black background.  In the screenshot above, the 'Refine Selection' preview window shows a rough edit that appears to be doing what I want.  But when I try to export it, I get the (original) portrait on white.  Can you see where I'm going wrong?

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