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Image distorted (display problem)

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Got a chance to check Affinity Photo Trial so until I run out I will bug you a bit.


Using: Affinity Photo 1.4

I created 1920 x 1080 image zoomed to 50%.
I scrolled a bit my image vertically (up & down) and it got distorted. It looked like at some regions  (of the size of the Launchpad icons) every second column was shifted by a few pixels.
When I drew on such distorted place the newly put brush also got distorted. Further scrolling 'corrected' the display so I can confirm that the drawing buffer was all right and it was purely a display problem.
Hope it helps.
BTW. The app is great, keep up the good work!


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Hi Kundelstein,


Thanks for this report. I've seen this happen on occasion but as new versions of the app have been released it has become harder and harder to reproduce. 


Would you happen to have a step-by-step recipe that will allow me to see what you have seen? If you have a screenshot that would also be great also.


Cheers :)

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Hi Chris,


Sure - It wasn't that hard to reproduce.





Please let me know when you see (and save) my link - it is from my dropbox and I will remove it afterwards.


This one is small, but there are cases where it gets more severe. I've marked some of distortions placing 'round' brush.


My test machine:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)

CPU: 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7

MEM: GB 1333 MHz DDR3

GFX: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB


So here are the steps:


1. Launch AP.

2. Create new canvas (1920x1080 in my case - it was default)

3. Do some doodling.

4. Zoom to 50%.

5. Move a bit a canvas.

6. Scroll up-down. In my case I used mouse scroll (I used the mouse from my PC, no magic).

7. Usually by that time I can see some small distortion. Scrolling by just a bit makes the distortion larger.


What I can add is that distortion stays in place. If I switch to fullscreen it disappears but when I switch back it comes back, so it looks like it happens due to some layout context.


If I can help more, please let me know. I'm a programmer but I'm quite new (exactly one week now) to OSX. Moving from VisualStudio to XCode was a bit like switching from Photoshop to MS Paint. I know XCode is a great tool, it just hides that fact well.


PS. If by any chance you have any free licenses for testers, please let me know. I'm usually 'doodling & sketching' things during work breaks (when I'm thinking about algorithms), in this case it can be Affinity and I can report any issues as they appear.


Well, good luck.

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Hey, thanks for getting back :)

I have the file from Dropbox so you can remove it if you wish.


We've managed to replicate this somewhat in the office but by changing the View Quality in Preferences > Performance from Bilinear (Default option) to Nearest Neighbour. Can you double check what settings you are using and let me know.

I figured you may have explored the app and possibly changed a setting or two which may be the cause of the issue you are seeing.


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Hi Chris,


Yes, I had a Nearest Neighbour set in Performance options.


I have switched to Bilinear and restarted the app. I played a bit and... I still can see distortion.


Moreover I have his distortion every time I restart the app (it remembers the zoom level and position which is a cool feature BTW). I can move a bit and see how the 'distortion stripes' appear and disappear. 


I noticed that I can get it easily if I move my canvas to the bottom-left - as far I as I can.


Here is the screenshot along with my current performance options:



(as usual, please let me know when you get the file)


Maybe it is only me and there is nothing to worry about. My MacBook Pro is quite ancient (counted in computer years). If you need any details from me, let me know (but please talk to me as to 3 year old - as I mentioned OSX is something new to me). I'm not sure if there is any screen sharing but we can do this too if it helps.


Thanks for such a great PS alternative!

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