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i have been using Photoshop for some thirty years and switched to Affinity Photo when it was available. I also bought Affinity Designer, basically I suppose, to play around with and see what it could offer that wasn't available in AP.


I must confess that the use of Art Boards has me puzzled. I've watched the tutorials, read the Help notes and see the broad aspects of how they work.


But why do you use them? What is the benefit over Layers? OK, I'm not a designer; just someone playing around with the software; Doodling, if you like. 


Obviously they are an important part of a designer's tools and I would be grateful if someone could explain what I am failing to understand.


Please set me wise.



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Hi jhmdigital


Artboards have multiple advantages. They can be used to have multiple document sizes on display, without having to create a new file for each size, so you can have the same design sized corrently for A4 Paper and an iPhone for example. Like it to the ability to spread multiple sheet of paper out on a table so you can see them all at once.


They also allow you to have pages for things like PDFs, each page being it's own artboard. You then have the option to export all the artboards or individual ones.


You can also get creative with document cropping using the artboard tool


Obviously this differs from the use of layers which restrict you to the single document working area.


Hope hat sheds a little light on it for you, best option is just to try it out and see what they do for you and you're workflow :)



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You might also find the four Artboards video tutorials listed on the In-house Affinity Designer Video Tutorials page helpful. They are:

Artboards: Basics (1.4)
Artboards: Exporting and Printing (1.4)
Artboards: Colour and Opacity (1.4)
Artboards: From Content (1.4)

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