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Resize *anywhere* not just at "handles"

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sometimes you need to zoom way in to see when/where to stop scaling an object. Often, zooming in means that one of the "handles" is not in view any more, yet you can still  see the perimeter of the item being scaled.


It would be awfully handy to be able to grab anywhere along this perimeter to finish the scaling job whilst zoomed in on the area of concern.


thank you

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Totally relate with this... this has happened to me numerous times. Same for rotating and moving.


You want to rotate, scale or move something but also want to line something up at a high zoom level. The transform handles are not on screen!!

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Hi.. Has this been looked at?


I think this would be a must, since now you need to be zooming in n' out to get to those pesky corners for resizing..




web & graphic designer :: front-end web developer :: illustrator


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